Daily Advertising

According to the American Marketing Association, a person will see approximately 10,000 ads per day. Its nearly impossible to remember the 10,000 ads we see daily. It would be extremely time consuming and wouldn’t be virtually possible to catch every advertisement.

I did an experiment and counted all the ads i saw throughout the day to see how many i could find. Come to my surprise there were ads everywhere I looked. I turned on my TV and saw commercials, there were ads out in the hallway about events going on at school, posters on the walls of the business building, people wearing advertising on their clothing, etc. It goes on and on. Advertising is all around us, in all different sizes, shapes, and forms. If one takes the time to try and notice how many ads they are exposed to daily, the number can be quit overwhelming. Of course as i went on through my day, I couldn’t come up with the grand total of 10,000. There were probably many forms of advertising I either walked by or looked at and didn’t even notice it. While some of the ads I didn’t even notice, others were obvious and annoying. Like the ones on Pandora or before a video on twitter or YouTube.

This experiment opened my eyes to all the daily forms of advertising I’m exposed to everyday.

Tudors 4-Wheeler Give Away

For our final project for our Advertising and Public Relations marketing class, we were grouped into teams and given the task of create a marketing plan for Tudors Biscuit World. The objective was to help them with a give-away promotion in the spring. Mountain Dew has donated the 4-wheeler to Tudors.  My group consisted of Logan McCoy, Riley Queen, Lisa Karickhoff, and Taylor Jack. We have utilized various resources and multiple personal connections to develop an organized marketing plan.  This plan lists out all of the steps needed in order to make this give-away more known and available to the people of West Virginia and surrounding states. Our plan includes an Executive summary, a Target Audience demographic, stats from Commspoint, SWOT analysis, and different ways to create awareness for the 4-wheeler give away.

With so many threats and weaknesses, Tudors has been faced with many challenges.  Well known food and restaurant chains, like McDonalds and Hardees, have had a major head start on Tudors.  Tudors can gain major ground on its competitors with a successful give-away.  This is not only going to help someone get a new 4-wheeler, it will also help boost Tudors reputation, and help it compete with more of the larger scale competitors in the food industry.


NFL’s Drop In Ratings Effects Advertising


The NFL has recently had a decline in viewers. Game attendance for the National Football League is down 5 percent from last year, and TV ratings are down almost 10 percent, and that was before protests of the National Anthem from a small handful of players erupted into a national spectacle. This is not only bad for the NFL, but  for advertising as well. The NFL is prime time set on TV and a vital aspect in advertising for companies that advertise in the NFL. With the decline of viewers in the past two weeks, less viewers are able to see the ads and commercials that companies put out. This could result in the NFL losing partnerships and capital. The NFL’s partnership with these companies are assets that the NFL needs to maintain revenue. The NFL could see a lose of 200 million or more. http://www.businessinsider.com/nfl-ratings-troubles-could-cost-tv-network-partners-big-time-2017-9

As far as advertising goes for the NFL, the NFL is working on ways to advertise to gain the viewers they lost from the protest. According to ads placed on multiple job boards , the advestisng strategist “will work closely with communications department leadership to create messaging to reflect the league’s wide variety of priorities and expedite organizational decision-making.” http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/26/nfl-advertising-for-pr-help-amid-anthem-protest-firestorm.html

Players have been weighing in on the problems in the NFL. Rob Gronkoswski, tight end for the Patriots, gave his opinion on matters in NFL. “Roger Goodell would be well advised to publish a statement announcing that the issue with the president is over and that the NFL fully supports American ideals the symbols of our nation, including the flag and the elected officials who are sworn to protect and defend it,” Grabowski said in an email to LifeZette. “He should conclude by saying that the league will be concentrating its attention this season on overseeing America’s most popular sport and making sure it delivers the highest-quality play on the field.”

The NFL must find an answer to get viewer ratings back up or they will be in danger of losing millions and advertising.

Interaction Media Reflection

       In class Monday, Mark Arbogast, from Interaction Media, came to our class to be a guest speaker. He lectured us on information about his company and what is takes to be in marketing. Mr. Arbogast went over key points in marketing that can be beneficial to our marketing project. The exercise he had us do at the beginning of the class taught us good points like, in a marketing group, it is important to not just look at the whole picture, but understand your own role and put it together with other roles on your team to create the big picture. Understanding that each person has their own role on a marketing team will help our group with our end of the year marketing project.

      Mr. Arbogast went over different kind of marketing agencies as well. A couple of them were branding, advertising, public relations, and design/creation. Each agencies provides different services. Mr. Arbogast gave the example of how his team completely redesigned the website for a hospital in Morgantown because it was completely outdated. This is just one example of how a marketing agencies can help a company. Although Interaction Media considers themselves to be a full-service marketing company, they mainly focus on inbound and digital marketing.

Two points that Mr. Arbogast went over that I thought were very helpful and crucial to any marketing team was setting measurable goals and try to limit scoop-creep. Setting measurable goals is important when working with a company because if you set a goal that isn’t measurable, there is no way to know if you reach your goal. This involves asking your client person questions like how much revenue did you earn last year, or how much do you want to earn next year, or how many more customers do you want to gain. Setting measurable goals is important if you want your marketing project to be successful.

Scoop-creep is losing sight of a goal during a marketing project and venturing out doing things that weren’t part of the initial goal in the first place. Scoop-creep is a bad habit to get into for a marketing company. Scoop-creep will keep a marketing team from reaching their goal with any company. Sticking to the goal at task is crucial for marketing.

I learned a lot from Mr. Arbogast about marketing and Interaction media. I believe that his lecture will be extremely beneficial to look back on when we do our marketing project later in the year. We will set measurable goals and have key roles for everyone on our marketing team to reach our end goal.